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I can't wait to help make dinner more affordable and more efficient for you and your family!  


Erin is the founder of $5 Dinners website, the Grocery Budget Makeover course, the MyFreezEasy program, the Vonnie apps, and the co-founder of $5 Meal Plan, and most recently the host of The Erin Chase Show.

Her gift and passion for teaching, M.Ed. degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and mastery of balancing her online business and family life, weave together and into the content of her products, courses, and shows...and the results will be life changing for you!

Also, she has a total crush on guacamole, homemade fajitas, Orange Theory fitness classes, running at the park, and breakfast parfaits. Oh, and a monster crush on her husband and 4 boys too.

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Making Dinner Easier and More Affordable for You
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Over the past decade, we have built and created tools and resources to assist you on your journey of organizing, planning and cooking inexpensive meals for your family. 

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