Hey. I'm Erin.

​​​​​​​I teach small business owners, entrepreneurs and team leaders how to be more efficient with their time and talents, how to build in the foundational systems and processes every business needs, and how to hire (and fire!) well.

Inspirational Leader.
Intentional Teacher. 
​​​​​​​Relational Mentor.

​​​​​​​This is the girl you want to teach you how to...

Properly set up the right schedule for your own time and your team's time.

Set in the right infrastructure for your business model.

Grow a rockstar team that supports and acts on your vision.

​​​​​​​Because she's done it all herself, over and over.

And she's ready to dig into your business and help you do the same. 
Erin's Online Masterclasses
The Efficiency Masterclass
Often feel like you're spinning your wheels in your business?
Not accomplishing enough by the end of each week?

Need to actually get more done in less time? 

The Business Systems

The majority of new small businesses don't make it past 5 years. It's because they don't put the right infrastructure in place to float through the growth and success. 
There are 5 Key Systems for every small business, and my guess is you're missing the systems and processes mark.

The Team Growth Masterclass
When it comes to contractors, employees and personnel, there are 3 key traits to look for when hiring. (And it's not all about the skills.) 
Also, if ever faced with firing a team member, you want to do it in a way that ends with a hug. 

How She Built Them
Erin has been working in the online business space for over a decade. She has built multiple six-figure businesses, mainly in the food world. 
Her methodology allows her to manage each business, while pursuing new passions at the same time.
​​​​​​​It's this methodology that she will teach you to help accelerate in your business.

Erin is the founder of $5 Dinners website, the Grocery Budget Makeover course, the MyFreezEasy program, the Vonnie apps, and the co-founder of $5 Meal Plan. She also leads private masterminds with the Digital CoLab team. 

Her gift and passion for teaching, MEd degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and mastery of online marketing and technology weave together into her online business courses...and the results for you will be life changing! 
Also, she has a total crush on guacamole, homemade fajitas, Orange Theory fitness classes, running at the park, and breakfast parfaits. Oh, and a monster crush on her husband and 4 boys too. 

Efficiency and Productivity are not one and the same. 
We're going to dive into both in the Efficiency Masterclass, and learn the silent killer to productivity and how to overcome it. 

Biz Systems

Think about the systems and processes as the foundation to your business's house. 
You don't ever want the foundation to waver, so you need to build a solid infrastructure and foundation. 
​​​​​​​We'll learn the ins and outs of processes, and why having them will allow you to sleep easy at night.

Team Growth

Ever think you would get a hug after having to fire a team member? It's possible when you follow our recommended strategy. 
But first, let's hire and manage well...and hope you don't get to that letting go point. 

Learn more about how Erin can help you accelerate your business growth.

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