Make the Most from Your Tearpads!

I want to help you make the most of your tearpad purchase from the Erin Chase Store! 

Below are short videos for each of the tearpads available in the store. Each video is a brief explanation of how the tearpad helps you stay organized, and how I use it in my day to day life. If you need to re-order tearpads, or add to your tearpad collection, you can do that below!

xo, Erin

Grocery List & Meal Plan Tearpad

  • Stay accountable to grocery spending
  • Write out what's for dinner, so your family doesn't have to ask. 
  • Be organized for dinner prep
  • Not miss ingredients at the grocery store

Weekly Meal Plan Tearpad

  • 7-Day Meal Plan
  • Section for make ahead freezer meals prep
  • Also include: chopping veggies and fruit for the week, prepping dough or meals in advance, baking in bulk

Sunday Setup Tearpad

  • Write out specific goals and tasks for that upcoming week
  • Write out meal plan for the week
  • Sketch out and plan for irregular expenses and errands
  • Include any income opportunities such as new business or client, selling items from your home, etc. 

Daily Setup Tearpad

  • Set yourself up for success each day with this amazing tearpad. 
  • Start the day with a note of gratitude and a positive affirmation of yourself.
  • Next, list the day's top 3 priorities and break them down with list of related tasks.
  • Use the other blocks for notes, calls, errands and appointments, and other tasks.Keep track of your meals and water consumption too. 


Tomorrow Setup Tearpad

  • Jot down the things you need to literally get out of your mind, and then not forget to take care of them the next day.
  • It's like a "Brain Dump for Sweet Dreams!" 

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